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bulk-ordersThank you for your interest in our products. We believe that the strongest medicines are found in the same bioregion in which a person resides; therefore all of our herbal tinctures are made from locally wildcrafted or garden grown plants. We harvest each plant at the correct time of year so that they are at their peak vitality with great respect. Our tinctures are made from fresh plant material except when the extraction process is enhanced by shade drying the plant material first. We utilize traditional tincturing ratios to ensure a standardized potency. All of our tinctures are made using USP grade organic grain or corn alcohol.

Please contact us at understoryapothecary@gmail.com or 360.704.8102.

Price Range: A- 1 oz $10, 2 oz $18, 4 oz $32

B- 1 oz $11, 2 oz $20, 4 oz $36

C- 1 oz $12, 2 oz $22, 4oz $40

Please inquire about larger quantities.


Achillea millefoium Yarrow fresh flowering tops 1:2 65% A

Actea rubra Baneberry/Red Cohosh fresh root 1:2 65% C

Albizia julibrissin Happiness Tree fresh flowers 1:2 60% A

Alnus rubra Red Alder dried bark 1:5 50% B

Althea officinalis Marshmallow fresh root 1:2 50% A

Aralia californica California Spikenard fresh root 1:2 60% C

Arnica cordifolia Heart Leaf Arnica fresh flowers 1:2 75% B

Balsamorhiza sagittata Balsam Root fresh root 1:2 65% C

Calendula officinalis Calendula fresh flowers 1:2 65% A

Ceanothus velutinus Red Root fresh root bark 1:2 65% C

Crataegus monogyna Hawthorne fresh berry/leaf/flower 1:2 60% A

Dicentra formosa Bleeding Heart fresh whole plant 1:2 65% B

Echinacea purpurea Echinacea fresh root 1:2 65% B

Eschscholzia californica California Poppy fresh whole plant 1:2 60% A

Fomitopsis pinicola Red Belted Polypore fresh fruiting body fluid extract B

Fouqeria splendens Ocotillo fresh stem bark 1:2 95% C

Ganoderma applanatum Artist’s Conk/White Reishi fresh fruiting body fluid extract B

Ganoderma tsugae Oregon Reishi fresh fruiting body fluid extract B

Grindelia integrifolia Puget Sound Gumweed fresh buds/flowers 1:2 60% B

Hypericum perforatum St. John’s Wort fresh flowering tops 1:2 60% A

Inula helenium Elecampane fresh root 1:2 75% A

Larrea trinidata Chapparal fresh flowering stems 1:2 95% C

Leonorus cardiac Motherwort fresh flowering tops 1:2 65% A

Ligusticum grayi Osha fresh root 1:2 75% C

Lomatium dissectum Lomatium fresh root 1:2 75% C

Lysichiton americanus Western Skunk Cabbage fresh root 1:2 95% C

Mahonia aquifolium Tall Oregon Grape fresh stem bark 1:2 65% A

Mahonia nervosa Low Oregon Grape fresh root 1:2 50% A

Monotropa uniflora Ghost Pipe/Indian Pipe fresh aerial parts 1:2 65% C

Oplopanax horridus Devil’s Club fresh root and recumbent stem bark 1:2 65% C

Osmorhiza occidentalis Sweet Root fresh root 1:2 65% C

Populus trichocarpa Black Cottonwood fresh buds 1:2 75%, or fresh twigs 1:2 65% B

Paeonia brownii Western Peony dried root 1:5 50% C

Rosa rugosa Rose fresh flowers 1:2 50% A

Sambucus nigra Elderflower fresh flower 1:2 65% B

Scrophularia californica Figwort fresh aerial parts 1:2 75% A

Symphytum officinale Comfrey leaf 1:2 65% A

Thuja plicata Red Cedar fresh leaf 1:2 95% A

Urtica dioica Nettles fresh young aerial parts 1:2 65% A

Usnea barbata Usnea whole lichen 1:2 95% A

Valeriana officinalis Valerian fresh root 1:2 65% B

Valeriana sitchensis Sitka Valerian fresh root 1:2 65% C